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English for Employment - Job search strategies and language skills for participating in the workplace

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Worker’s Name: Amy Ferguson

Organisation/Service/Project:    AMES – UWS College

Telephone/Email:  (02) 9685 9713 - email

Initiative/Project:  English for Employment - Job search strategies and language skills for participating in the workplace

  • English classes/conversation group:

 English for Employment

·         is for skilled migrants seeking employment in their chosen profession
·         is a fast track course to prepare qualified professionals to enter the Australian workforce
·         is funded by the NSW Government
·         is free for eligible participants
·         150 hours of tuition provided

Human resource specialists and employers will provide sessions on the current expectations of finding work and career advice. They will also provide interactive workshops.

 Course outline

·         English language support including pronunciation
·         Developing a greater awareness of workplace culture and trends in the Australian labour market
·         Finding your fit in your field of expertise
·         Developing a career portfolio including your résumé and cover letter
·         Strategies to identify employment opportunities
·         Preparing for the job interview
·         Career management skills
·         Marketing yourself effectively

Students can obtain Statements of Attainment for modules from Certificate IV in Spoken and Written English 2013. This qualification is recognised throughout Australia.

Candidates must

·         be a permanent Australian resident
·         have overseas qualifications
·         be seeking employment in their field
·         have an IELTS score of 5.5 – 6 or equivalent*

You will also need to provide the following documents

·         Current visa page of your passport
·         Your qualifications (English translations)
·         IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) or equivalent*

* Applicants without an IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) or equivalent may be eligible for a free English Language Proficiency Assessment

 Course Dates:

Start: Mon 12th May Finish: Fri 27th June
Time: Mon – Fri 4:00pm – 9:00pm
Course Location:

UWS College

St Vincent’s Building J
158 Hawkesbury

 For more information and to apply for English for Employment, please contact:
Amy Ferguson
on (02) 9685 9713

or email

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