Saturday, 26 April 2014

Bright Hospitality is Looking for Refugee Cooks and Chefs

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Worker’s Name: Bright Employment – General enquiries

Organisation/Service/Project: Bright Employment Creating Careers

Telephone/Email: - 96431851

Initiative/Project: Bright Hospitality is Looking for Refugee Cooks and Chefs

  • Employment Opportunities:
To assist with these migrant communities, Bright Employment is launching the “Brighter Pathways” program in May 2014 that will provide a direct employment pathway for up to 100 former chefs and cooks assistants to return to full time work in both hotels and community clubs across Sydney. The highly regarded former executive chef at Sailors Thai, Ty Bellingham, will be responsible for the assessment and training of all graduates on this program.
If you or your service know of unemployed refugees with a permanent visa or asylum seekers with work rights who have worked in a commercial kitchen before coming to Australia or have done similar work in Australia and want a career in hospitality, Bright Hospitality will interview them.

Please direct all enquiries to:
Bright Employment, Suite 201, Level 2, 39 Queens Street, Auburn 2144
Telephone: 02 96431851

Pay and Conditions

All workers will be covered by the Hospitality Award 2010 which include the following conditions:
  • Kitchen attendant 1 and paid $640.20 per week (38 hours) plus overtime and penalty rates, holiday and sick pay
  • Cook grade 1 & kitchen attendant 2 are paid $664.80 per week (38 hours) plus overtime and penalty rates, holiday and sick pay
  • Cook grade 2 are paid $687.60 per week (38 hours)
  • Hospitality workers are typically shift workers with shifts over seven days per week.
  • Overtime is paid for work outside the rostered shift
Training and Mentoring

Successful applicants will take part in the “Brighter Pathways” program that includes:
  • A three week theory and practical pre-employment training program to get workers job ready
  • Direct involvement of employers in assessing workers prior to commencement of employment and tailoring a training program to meet their specific requirements.
  • A trial period of up to four weeks that provides employers with the opportunity to assess workers prior to omitting to 26 weeks of employment
  • Significant wage support payments during the first 26 weeks of employment that may cover up to 40% of the weekly salary over this period.
  • On the job skills training including completion of a certificate 2 qualification in kitchen operations.
  • Workers who graduate from the 26 week employment program amy be given the opportunity of full time work with their host employer. Additional hospitality work may also be available with Bright Employment.

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