Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Learning English Online

BLOG Information Sharing

Worker’s Name: Jann Debenham | Technical Specialist Multicultural  

Organisation/Service/Project: AMES – Bankstown City Council


  • Employment/Job Seeking Training/Workshops:
Learn English Online.  AMES Online with Jobseeking skills - Your Job interactive program to help people with resumes and interview skills  is available - On the Online Databases page. Log on with your Bankstown Library card!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Employment Weblinks

BLOG Information Sharing

Worker’s Name: Jann Debenham

Organisation/Service/Project: Bankstown City Council


Places to find jobs - weblinks

  • Adecco Employment Agency

  • Kelly Services

  • Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald

  • The local Torch newspaper

           (NSW Department of Education teaching and office jobs)

Volunteering Opportunities

BLOG Information Sharing
Worker’s Name: Jann Debenham|
Organisation/Service/Project: Bankstown City Council
Website address:

  • Volunteering Opportunities:

Volunteer Information

This is a good way to develop skills and experience for work, be useful and  practise English!

To be a volunteer means you work for free.
Volunteer work can sometimes lead to paid work.

For the Bankstown area:
Coolaburoo Neighbourhood Centre
11 Ryan Road
Tel: 9774 2426

  • You will not be guaranteed volunteer work, but you can only TRY.
  • Coolaburoo can provide First Aid Certficate training (no cost to you - paid by Bankstown City Council)

Call or email them and tell them your skills.
Eg "My skills are ..."
-       taking care of older people (aged care)
-       cooking
-       typing
-       cleaning
-       painting
-       desktop publishing
-       washing cars
-       hairdresser/hairdressing
-       beautician
-       interpersonal skills - good with people
-       artwork - drawing, painting, advertising, promotion
-       nursing
-       washing dishes
-       making great cups of tea and coffee
-       gardening
-       planting trees and shrubs
-       catering - cooking and making great cups of tea and coffee for events
-       languages
-       financial management (and/or) handling money
-       driving
-       walking    (eg distributing brochures - newspapers, walking people's dogs)
-       health and fitness

For all of Sydney:
Volunteering NSW
Level 3
40 Gloucester Street
The Rocks (near Circular Quay in the city)

Call first for directions on how to get there:
Tel: 9261 3600
They have an Information Session every Friday morning from 10.30am to 12.30pm

Volunteering Opportunities
These organisations generally provide good support, can teach you skills, and can provide future direction:

Mission Australia

The Salvation Army

The Smith Family

The Red Cross

The United Nations, Sydney

Other places that may help: