Thursday, 23 April 2015

Step Into Work Program

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Worker’s Name: Wendi Etherington

Organisation/Service/Project: Lakemba/Wiley Park School as Community Centre (SaCC) in partnership with The Benevolent Society.

Telephone/Email: 9759 4061


  • English classes: Navitas is prepared to start a FREE English Outreach class in Wiley Park if enough students enrol. Childcare will be provided. Please contact Wendi if interested on 9759 4061.

  • Employment/Job Seeking Training/Workshops:
Step Into Work Program: This six week course is for women who would like to find meaningful paid work. The course is led by professional volunteers with expertise in recruitment, training and human resources as well as stress management.
Participants will be helped to set goals; develop a professional resume, write an application letter and practice interview questions.
Starts Wednesday 13th May 10.00-12.30. Childcare available.
Please contact Wendi on 9759 4061 as an interview is required before admission to the group.


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