Sunday, 16 March 2014

Job Seeker Advice - Drop in

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Worker’s Name: Miguel Ferrero
Organisation/Service/Project: Overseas Trained Professionals Network
Initiative/Project: Job Seeker Advice – Drop in

  • Employment/Job Seeking Advice:


Are you a migrant or refugee currently looking for work?
Do you want to improve your job search skills?

You can get free advice to help you with working out your career pathway and job searching. NO NEED TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT

Bring your resume and cover letter for advice on how to improve it!

You can drop in on the following Fridays:
 21ST March, 2014
4th April 2014
2nd May 2014
6th June 2014
Between 9:30 am and 3:00 pm
at Metro Migrant Resource Centre – Level 2, 59 Evaline St CAMPSIE
For more information contact Miguel Ferrero at

This is a partnership between the Overseas Trained Professionals Network and Metro Migrant Resource Centre.

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