Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Digital Literacy for Job Seekers

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Organisation/Service/Project: NAVITAS – Bankstown

Telephone/Email: (02) 9707 0200

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Digital Literacy for Job Seekers

Want to improve your skills and confidence in using technology?

Whether you’re looking to improve your basic digital skills for job seeking activities or everyday life – our Digital Literacy for Job Seekers course can help you!

Contact us today for more information navitas-english.com.au

Who is this course for? Students enrolled in the course will develop knowledge, skills and confidence in:

 • Using a mobile phone
 • essential computer skills and word processing
 • searching and applying for jobs online
 • language and useful terms for operating technology
 • how to safely use

What will this course cover? Key skills developed include:

 • Using apps, such as myGov and jobactive, to access government services
 • navigating and using job search sites
 • writing and submitting resumes and cover letters electronically
 • using electronic communication: responding to emails and text messages

Course details Monday 6th May – Friday 28th June 2019 20 hours a week

For more information: Speak to your trainer, your Employment Service provider, or contact your local Navitas English representative to make a booking.

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