Saturday, 30 September 2017

Fair Work Ombudsman - information for international students

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Worker’s Name: Jen Sunga | Engagement Officer - Community Engagement Strategic Engagement and Stakeholder Relations Fair Work Ombudsman

Organisation/Service/Project: Fair Work Ombudsman
Telephone/Email: T: 02 9297 9332 | x 29332 - E:
Initiative/Project: FWO International Student Engagement Strategy

  • Employment/Job Seeking Training/Workshops:
The Fair Work Ombudsman has penned an open letter to
international students, urging them to be aware of their workplace rights
and to seek free help from the FWO if they experience issues while working
in Australia.
The letter addresses some of the barriers students face when seeking
assistance from us and aims to engender trust in the FWO. We want
international students to understand that they have workplace rights, and
that the FWO is here to help them, but more importantly that they can seek
our assistance without fear of their visa being cancelled.

The open letter will be published in selected media outlets, including some
er-to-international-students/vietnamese> and Indian publications. Our media
provides more detail about this and the Strategy.

Next steps
Raising awareness of the FWO (who we are, what we do, and how we can help)
is a key element of the Strategy. New resources are being developed based on
suggestions and feedback received from international students and
stakeholders like you.

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