Sunday, 5 March 2017


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Worker’s Name: SEE Coordinator for further information

Organisation/Service/Project:  TAFE - SWSI
Telephone/Email: (02) 97225475 or email

  • Employment/Job Seeking Training/Workshops:


Are you looking for work but your English
language, writing or maths skills are making
it difficult. If yes, our Skills for Education and
Employment (SEE) program can help you get
the skills you need

The SEE program will help you:

Improve your spoken and written English language

improve your reading, writing and maths skills

improve your computer skills

improve your confidence and skills to take on further

improve your employability skills

To be able to do the training you must be:

15 to 64 years of age

registered as a jobseeker with the Department of
Human Services (formerly Centrelink) and not a full
time student.

You must also satisfy the eligibility requirements
relating to income support and visa status.

The SEE program is available at:

Campbelltown College
Macquarie Fields College

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