Sunday, 18 September 2016

Employment Opportunity - Arabic Speakers - FICT program

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Worker’s Name: Susan Cunningham

Organisation/Service/Project: STARTTS

Telephone/Email: -  97941900

Initiative/Project: FICT

  • Employment Opportunities:

Families in Cultural Transition
Bi-Cultural Facilitator Program

Eligibility Criteria

We are currently recruiting facilitators who can
speak the languages of Syria and Iraq including:

Arabic, Assyrian, Chaldean, Kurdish languages
v  Be able to speak and read and write in English and one of the languages above  spoken within your community

v  Have experience in running groups for adults

v  Be available to attend 4 days of initial training and periodic supervision and workshops during standard working hours.

Accreditation as an interpreter is desirable, but not essential

Selection Process

1.    Applicants who meet the above criteria need to complete an   Expression of Interest form (included in this information package) and email it along with your resume to by Wednesday 28th September 2016.

2.    Selected applicants will be invited to attend an interview

3.    Successful applicants will receive four days of training to become FICT  Facilitators
Training will be held from 9:30am-4pm in Sydney on 14th, 15th and 21st, 22nd October 2016.

4.    Successful applicants will sign contracts to work as sessional FICT Facilitators once they have completed their training.

Statement of Duties

Facilitators will be required to:

v  Recruit participants for FICT workshops from within their communities,
      with the support of STARTTS
v  Select, translate and adapt FICT resources for use in workshops
v  Make practical arrangements for delivery of FICT workshops with support of STARTTS
v  Maintain records and participate in evaluation of workshops 
v  Attend relevant training
v  Participate in supervision and focus groups

Rates of Payment

Facilitators will be paid $1800 for the delivery and preparation of each ten-module program. If two Facilitators co-facilitate a workshop they will each be paid at the above rate.

In addition to the above, Facilitators will be paid at a separate rate of $27.00 per hour for attending supervision and focus groups. Facilitators will not be paid for their initial four days of training.
Contractual Arrangements

FICT Facilitators undertake paid sessional work under short-term contracts signed with STARTTS. They are not employed by STARTTS.

Under this arrangement, it is best for Facilitators to have an Australian Business Number (ABN). Information about how to apply for an ABN from the Australian Taxation Office is to be found online. There is no charge involved in obtaining an ABN. (Facilitators can sign a contract without an ABN, but this is not recommended as a significant portion of the payment must be deducted in tax).

As contract workers, Facilitators do not receive sickness benefits or annual leave. STARTTS will pay the first year’s membership of the NSW Bilingual Educators Association Inc. This will cover you for public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Facilitators are generally expected to carry out their preparation work from home, although use of STARTTS resources (eg. computers, photocopiers, printers) may be arranged. Copies of handouts required for your group can be made at a STARTTS Office by prior arrangement.

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