Monday, 3 August 2015

Call for Volunteers - Reading Buddies

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Organisation/Service/Project:  Sara Axford 

Telephone/Email: or 8525 8222.

Initiative/Project: Bankstown Communities for Children

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Call for Volunteer
Reading Buddies

You are invited to take part in a unique program called Reading for Life that Bankstown Communities for Children (CfC) will be funding in 2015. Reading for Life has volunteers visit a local school in Bankstown each week to assist children in years 2 to 4 with their reading skills and confidence. The program has been operating across Australia and New Zealand since 2003 with great results in terms of skill enhancement as well as volunteer enjoyment!
The objectives of the program are:
1.       To make a positive impact on the children’s reading skills, confidence and motivation.
2.       To add value to the participating schools.
3.       To ensure that employees who participate have a worthwhile and satisfying experience.

The program will commence in August, 2015. Times and days for activities are yet to be confirmed.

We are looking for volunteers who have an adequate level of literacy and communication skills and can make the time commitment to the program. We require 50 volunteers who will be available for the entire program support 5 Bankstown schools.

What is the time commitment?
Firstly, volunteers will be asked to fill out a questionnaire expressing their interest and complete a working with children’s check. Volunteers are then asked to:
- Complete a three-hour training session with Learning Links
- Attend the school for a one-hour (approx.) orientation session before starting
- Attend the school to complete a 45 minute session each week over 15 weeks to meet individually with your reading buddy
- Attend a celebration party for the children at the end of the program
- Complete an evaluation survey at the end of the program

We are committed to supporting Bankstown primary school in 2015 and hope that you take this opportunity and get involved in a project that will not only be a rewarding experience but be highly valued by the local schools and families. To express your interest, or find out more, contact Sarah Axford on or 8525 8222. .

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