Thursday, 9 October 2014

Learning to Drive

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Worker’s Name: Atef Hamie

Organisation/Service/Project:  Metro MRC/Metro Assist


Initiative/Project: Learning to Drive 

  • Training Opportunities:

Learning to Drive? We can help you!

Are you a newly arrived migrant trying to get your NSW driver’s licence? Are you struggling to pass the knowledge test or pay for the driving lessons? Then join us in our road safety and driving program. In the program, you will:
-         Learn knowledge about road safety and drive safely

-         Receive tutoring and help to pass the computer knowledge test
-         Be subsidised for 10 hours ($25 each hour) of driving lessons with a qualified driving instructor

First Phase (Oct – Dec 2014)
-         Information sessions and knowledge test tutoring

Second Phase (Jan – Mar 2014)
-         Subsidised driving lessons 

Program starts in late Oct 2014.

Places are limited. To register or inquire, please contact Atef Hamie at 9789 3744 or

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