Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Migrant Skills Recognition Service - NSW

Dear member of the working party - I have recently attended an information session about this pilot project in NSW. It aims to assess trade skills recognition of newly arrived migrants. I included some notes and contact details.

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Worker’s Name: Michelle Lucas

Organisation/Service/Project: Migrant Skills Recognition Service

Telephone/Email: 1300133488 (application)

                                    (03) 9655-4801



                           (for applicants)

Website: http//

Initiative/Project: VETASSESS


  • Skills/Qualifications Recognition-Pathways:

Migrant Skills Recognition Service (Michelle Lucas)

·         This project is funded by the Commonwealth. VETASSESS is funded by the Trade Recognition Australia

·         Pilot project: the project does not cover not skilled migrants, the project is finishing in June 2014 and take migrants through a skills assessment


·         Right to work

·         Trade background

·         Basic English language skills

·         Residents in NSW, QL and VIC

·         Not part of licences issues

·         Free skills assessment process

Example of evidence:

·         Resume, training records, employer statements, position descriptions, industry memberships, tax records, pay slips, videos, photos, customer testimonials, supplier invoices. 

Demonstration: work in the are before and have the skills and knowledge

Next Step:

·         Demonstrate skills – to be seen

·         Do practical assessment (Western Sydney Institute TAFE)

Type of Assessment:

·         Technical interview: go through typical scenarios, 3 to 4 hours, conducted using web technology

·         Practical  assessment: 5 to 7 hours, complete tasks and applicant needs require safety standards

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