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Introduction to Home and Community Support Services - Work Experience

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Worker’s Name: BAMN and Family and Community Services

Organisation/Service/Project: Introduction to Home and Community  Support Services Work Experience

Telephone/Email: Felicity Zadro – 9212-7867 –


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Introduction to Home and Community Support Services is a new model of education that will provide an insight into the disability and community care sector for 24 participants who comes from NES Backgrounds. Participants will gain an understanding of the jargon and structure of the two sectors, two units of competency and mentored work experience all necessary for working in the community services sector.

Students will undertake 10 weeks of learning, four of which will involve work experience at local community services.

This mix of both theory and real life experience in this course is a response to the sector’s call for workers with a genuine sense of what working in community services is all about.

Students will learn about the services that support people living with disabilities, mental illness and special needs, the frail and aged people , and carers in need of assistance.

The aim of the course is to effectively equip and inspire these students, of all ages, to be confident to participate in this rewarding career path.

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